Digital 12-Channel Electrocardiograph


Main Features

  • Design patent, software patent
  • Application of CSE & AHA database, reliable measurement and analysis results
  • 12-lead simultaneous acquisition
  • 6”LCD, real-time display of 12-lead ECG waveforms
  • Detection and alarm on lead-off and low battery
  • Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal printing
  • Built-in ECG simulator for DEMO purpose
  • Pre-10-second printing to print out any abnormal ECG waveform
  • Unique 6CH+P printing mode, convenient for physical examination and printing report on A4 size thermal
  • 3 kinds of operation mode: AUTO, MAN and ANA
  • 3 kinds of filter: HUM, EMG and ADS
  • AC, DC and battery power supply
  • 2 types lead mode: Standard and Cabrera
  • 1,000 ECG files can be saved
  • Communication with PC (Option)

Size & weight
Carton size: 415 x 195 x 380mm
Net weight: 3.5Kgs
Gross weight: 5.5Kgs
Multi-connecting Mode
Real-time ECG data can be transmitted to PC via ports of USB/ RS232 and wireless module (optional) case. ECG data can be further analyzed, shared through internet or printed out with A4 paper.

Digital 6-Channel Electrocardiograph

ECG-1106 Series

Main Features

  • Design patent, compact and lightweight
  • 12-lead simultaneous acquisition, quick acquisition and stability
  • 3 kinds of filters: HUM, EMG and ADS, make ECG test more accurate
  • Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal printing
  • Auto-save function: users can choose whether to automatically save the files with the printout or not
  • Application of CSE&AHA database, reliable measurement and analysis results
  • Support HR detection alarm and pacemaker detection, make ECG test safer
  • AC, DC and battery power supply, continuous working for over 2 hours
  • Communicate with PC for ECG data management (option)
  • 24 bits AD converter, more sensitive and accurate signal acquisition (ECG-1106L)
  • Brand new 2nd generation platform, higher processing speed and speedy experience (ECG-1106L)
  • Various kinds of electrodes and lead cables optional, meet different clinical requirements
  • Support magnetic card reader, bar code scanner, easier information input (ECG-1106L)
  • Wholly new software interface with touch screen operation, convenient and user-friendly (ECG-1106L)
  • Wonderful software function, such as recall, freeze, case search, case re-edit, comprehensively improve efficiency of case management (ECG-1106L)
  • Support external laser printer to achieve A4 size report output (ECG-1106L)
  • Application of Minnesota code to provide reliable ECG analysis (ECG-1106L)
  • Up to 10000 ECG files can be stored with U disk

Option for ECG-1106L

  • Conveniently manage ECG data through Carewell ECG workstation in PC (option)

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