Infusion Pump

Product Detail

We have SN-1600V(R)/SN-1800V(R) models, and SN-2000V(R) which could be used for blood infusion. The microfluidic peristaltic pump features small and tiny structures, which save a lot of space and the numeric pad allows fast input possible. SN-1600V/SN-1800V is a continuous infusion pump in vertical design. Vertical structure makes the appearance more smart and delicate. This iv smart pump support flow rate mode and drip mode infusion. Other characteristics include:

Accurate: patent algorithm on smart pulsation compensation makes actual flow more stable
Comfortable: heating function makes patients feel more comfortable
Quiet: top quality driving motor leads to less vibration and lower noise.
Secure: Dual-CPU monitoring design

It could be used as veterinary infusion pump for animals.

Considerate design: environment light detection and running status, easy for observing machine status
Endurance: Battery could last more than 8 hours (at 25ml/h)
Smart: with built-in WIFI function module, provides smart networking and management function(SN-1600VR)

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