Echostar 1.5T

System Features

High-homogeneity magnet
The Echostar magnet provides a 50 x 50 x 50cm usable field of view.

Better gradient performance
33mT/m gradients drive to peak power in 0.25 milliseconds.

New multi-element coil arrays
The Echostar coil arrays, built into the tabletop and selected through programmed protocols, reduce the need for time-consuming repositioning.

Comprehensive software capabilities
The Echostar user-friendly protocols optimize efficiency and support high-throughput scanning.

Affordable Cost

Reduced service costs

With a ZBO (zero boil-off) magnet, the Echostar  eliminates expensive cryogen replacement.

Up to 80 patients in a day
The Echostar intelligent, automated protocols have made it possible for customers to image up to 80 patients in a day.

Reliable components
From the superconducting magnets to the RF coils, Echostar components are designed and assembled in our own manufacturing facilities.

Better Resolution

The Echostar uses high density matrix, phased array honeycomb coils

  • Create a seamless image by selecting multiple elements.
  • Connect up to four separate coils and perform whole body imaging without repositioning.
  • Select among our proprietary high-SNR multi-channel surface coils to quickly
    accommodate patient exams from head to toe.

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