Syringe Pump

Single channel syringe pump is the most common see and popular iv syringe driver pump among all models. It features stable quality, easy to operate, and automatic calibration and most importantly accurate injection. Various modes support include Time mode, Speed mode, body weight mode and drug library mode.

Double channel syringe pump features automated calibration and accurate precise injection process. Two channels works simultaneously and sleeping mode is available for either idle channel, which saves battery. Smart WIFI communication modules provides smart management function for SN-50F66R.

Compared with other brands, we offers Triple channel syringe pump, also names multi-channel syringe pump with stable quality and accurate infusion process, and specially, the portable design allows the convenience to carry. The machine is equipped with OLED screen and various modes supported.

The unique design four channel syringe workstation makes it become the tiniest four channel syringe workstation all over the world, and the powerful companion for departments such as ICU.

Small design: machine measures only A4 size and weighs 5.9KG
Accurate injection: Injection accuracy up to 0.01ml/h
Compatible: 30 syringe brands supported and more than 50 drugs options available in injection
Rich injection modes: up to 10 injection modes are supported, with advanced modes as cascaded mode, micro volume mode, TIVA mode, and Gradient mode, etc.
Safe use: Unique “needle fall off” alarm helps safe injection process and the models with wireless communication could be monitored constantly.
Touch screen: touchable screen size up to 3.5 inch with friendly graphical user interface. Easy and efficient operation.

Portable syringe pump is a type of syringe pump with portable and delicate design. It could be used as PCA (patient-controlled analgesia) pump which facilitate the urgent injection need of patients. SN-N series hand hold syringe pump only weighs less than 500g and with WIFI functions equipped.

It could be durable for 8 hours and patent pressure and displacement sensor guarantees a safe injection experiences.

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